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Heating and air conditioning are essential for interior comfort in any residential or commercial property. If your home or business has recently undergone a restoration or remodel and you are looking to upgrade your HVAC unit, Air Strike AC & Heating offers HVAC maintenance in San Antonio, TX. We do HVAC repair, installation, and service calls and will send out an HVAC technician to complete the job that you need done.

At Air Strike AC & Heating, we have come across our fair share of problems. Some of the most common occurrences include blown fuses, filter issues, and drain line clogs and leaks. The fuses in your HVAC protect your unit’s compressor and motor from overheating; when the motor starts to fail, the first thing that we check is the breaker. Filters, when not maintained properly, are subject to clogging from air particles. In this instance, we will change your filter to improve the air and keep your unit from freezing.

Drain lines are commonly clogged by algae and dirt. When your drain is clogged, the pan will fill and cause the water to leak, causing water damage to your property. A worn contactor is another problem that our technicians are able to fix. The contactor comes in threes: one for the compressor, the condenser fan motor, and the blower motor. If your unit is not starting, we search for the faulty contactor and replace it so that the electrical connections can be made.

HVAC maintenance from Air Strike AC & Heating is effective, efficient, and thorough. We will not miss a thing. For service in San Antonio, TX, reach us by phone or email to schedule an appointment.

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